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If you are a growing business you will no doubt have to make daily decisions on when to employ more staff, whether to purchase new machinery, which lines are your most profitable. Are your management information systems able to supply you with the relevant information at the touch of a button? If not, refining this area of your business may well help generate additional profits.

Sage is the market leader in accountancy software for SMEs, offering you timesavings, flexibility, simplicity and value for money. R T Marke, in partnership with Sage, can offer you the complete solution to your information needs. Whether you require advice about how Sage could benefit your business, if you need to upgrade your system or maybe you simply feel that you are not getting the best from your existing system, we can help you.

“We have used R T Marke & Co as our accountants since we started in 2003 and they have helped us to focus on the important issues, which include focusing on company expansion, increasing sales…”

Richard Snell

Profitable Farming Company Ltd, Winkleigh

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