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Would you like your own marketing manager, but without the related salary costs?

If you are a successful business owner, you’re probably already aware of the importance of marketing in the development and growth of your business. Done right, marketing helps create sales, satisfied customers, and increased awareness of your company and products.

If you would like to have your own marketing manager to help grow your sales, but without the related salary costs, R T Marke can offer you a first-class, cost-effective solution.

With R T Marke, you get an experienced marketing manager, AS AND WHEN YOU NEED THEM. In addition, an experienced marketing manager, able to hit the ground running, means you are free to concentrate on the strategic direction and operation of your everyday business. You can also benefit from flexible options to suit your budget (as well as knowledge of funding available to part-fund marketing projects).

“We re joined R T Marke & Co two years ago and the invaluable advice and guidance they have given us has helped us to dramatically increase our sales and net profits, whilst at the same time giving us a clear strategy for the future.”

South West Fabrications Ltd, Barnstaple

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